Terms and Conditions

IHHT Training Terms & Conditions

This pack provides you with all the information you need to book a workshop or course with IHHT.  

Booking Instructions

Please read the attached terms & conditions and then return your completed booking form to the address of the relevant tutor (with deposit/full payment). If you prefer you can fill in the booking form electronically and email it to us; your printed name in the signature box will be accepted as an electronic signature. 

Please retain a copy of all information as the booking form, and any accompanied payment, forms a contract between you and IHHT.


Please direct all correspondence to: 

the relevant tutor or

Email: team@ihht.org

All correspondence from IHHT will be by email unless you specify otherwise on the booking form. Please ensure you provide a valid email address.  

The following pages contain the terms and conditions that apply to any Infinity Holistic Health Training (IHHT) course or CPD workshop. All courses and workshops are hereafter referred to as the event and IHHT tutors (Ros Simons, Penny King and Suzi Garrod) are hereafter referred to as the event organiser.

Terms & Conditions
The following information must be read carefully before booking any event. By completing and submitting an event booking form, the participant will have entered into a binding contract based on the following terms & conditions:

  1. Agreement
    Before any participant can attend an event, the following conditions must be met:
    a) Participants must be at least 16 years of age. Anyone under the age of 18 must have written parental consent.
    b) A fully completed events booking form must be submitted. This booking form must include the participant’s signature. This signature indicates that the participant has entered into a contract to attend the event. (For online forms, an electronic name in the signature box will be accepted as a printed signature).
    c) Payment for the event must be made in full prior to the event start-date.
    d) The participant must have received written confirmation of acceptance.

Please also note that:

a) The agreement is between the event organiser and the participant on the event booking form and is the sole agreement between those parties.
b) The event organiser reserves the right to refuse bookings to any party or individual without the need to give reasons, solely at the event organiser’s discretion. In the event of such a refusal any payment accompanying the event booking form will be returned.
c) No variation of these terms & conditions shall be applicable unless agreed in writing by the event organiser before the relevant event.

  1. Payment
    The minimum deposit for each event is stated on the relevant event page on our website and this is required in order to guarantee a booking. Full payment is required 4 weeks before the event start-date. If not paid, the event organiser reserves the right to treat the agreement as cancelled by the participant (refer to clause 7 below). A booking made within 4 weeks of the event start-date must be paid in full. (Payment plans may be possible by separate arrangement).
  2. Prices
    All prices are listed in GBP. Whilst every effort is made to limit prices to those advertised, the event organiser reserves the right to alter prices should the costs in hosting an event increase for reasons beyond its reasonable control. In the event of a price alteration the participant will be notified as soon as possible. The balance of the altered price will be payable on the same terms as the original price. In the event of the price being increased by 15% or more the participant may opt to cancel the booking and will be entitled to a refund of all monies paid.
  3. Passports, Visas and Health Requirements
    For overseas events, it is the participant’s responsibility to ensure that he/she is in possession of all necessary travel and health documents, including valid passports and visas, for any country in which an event is being held. All advertised prices and services offered by the event organiser, regardless of location, exclude the cost or provision of transport to and from the event, passports, visas, vaccinations or other personal health requirements – these are all strictly the responsibility of the participant. Information on health is given on the NHS website www.nhs.uk/livewell/travelhealth and the National Travel Health Network and Centre (www.nathnac.org).
    If a participant’s passport is due to expire, it is recommended that they check the individual requirements of the country they are visiting – some countries will not allow entry unless a passport is valid for a further 6 months after the travel date. British passport holders are advised to allow at least 6 weeks for renewal applications to be processed. www.gov.uk/browse/abroad/passports. Non-British passport holders are advised to check processing times with their own passport issuing service. All participants are advised to enquire about individual visa requirements directly with the Embassy or Consulate of the country or countries to which they are intending to travel.
  4. Special Requests and Medical Problems
    All participants are required to complete an event booking form at the time of booking indicating any special requests/medical conditions. All special requests are subject to the availability of the venue/supplier and therefore cannot be guaranteed by the event organiser.
    All personal details will be held in confidence in accordance with GDPR requirements. However, all participants give permission for personal details to be passed onto a medical professional in order to assist with any emergency medical situation that may arise. Please see our privacy policy which is available on our website.
  5. Copyright of Materials
    Any notes, handouts or manuals produced by the event organiser and given out during any event are copyrighted and may not be copied or duplicated in any way except with permission from the author. All rights are reserved.
  6. Cancellation by Participant
    If the booking is cancelled by the participant for any reason the following charges will be applied:
    • All deposits are non-refundable.
    • Cancellation 4 weeks before event commencement 50% of the event fee will be payable.
    • Cancellation within 2 weeks of event date the full amount is payable
    • Failure to complete or attend the event will result in the full fee becoming due.
  7. Cancellation by the event organiser
    The event organiser reserves the right to cancel all and any bookings without reason or notice. Should an event be cancelled, all monies will be refunded in full or, if preferred, transferred as payment towards another event organised by IHHT. In the event of cancellation, the event organiser will not be responsible for the reimbursement of any associated costs which may have already been incurred. (i.e. flights, visas, interim accommodation, car hire, transport or any other additional costs). Please refer to clauses 7 to 12.
    Please note that the event organiser requires a minimum number of participants to run an event (the minimum number required may vary). Should the event organiser (or other named co-facilitator), be unable to attend due to illness or other personal circumstances, the event organiser reserves the right to introduce an alternative facilitator (without jeopardising the quality of the event on offer). Should an alternative facilitator not be available, the event organiser reserves the right to cancel the retreat.
  8. Force Majeure
    Except where otherwise stated in these terms and conditions, the event organiser cannot accept liability or pay any compensation should a ‘force majeure’ occur. This includes circumstances in which a force majeure may:
    a) delay, prevent or otherwise affect advertised activities and
    b) cause participants to suffer any damage, loss or expense of any nature.
    In these terms and conditions ‘force majeure’ refers to any unforeseen situation which, despite the best efforts of the event organiser/venue/supplier, cannot be avoided. Such events may include (but are not limited to) war or threat of war, riot, civil strife, terrorist activity (actual or threatened), industrial dispute, natural or nuclear disaster, pandemic outbreak, adverse weather conditions, fire and all similar events outside the event organiser’s control or the control of the supplier(s) concerned. Advice from the Foreign Office to avoid or leave a country in which an event is taking, or is due to take place, may also constitute Force Majeure.
    Participant Conduct

Participants are expected to:
• always behave in a reasonable manner
• be respectful of the other participants on the event
• be respectful of the premises in which the event is being held (or any event activities are being held)
• be respectful of any other events/treatment sessions that may be taking place in the vicinity
• listen to safety briefings before taking part in an activity
• follow the instructions given by the teacher/facilitator
• wear appropriate and/or protective clothing for the duration of an activity, where applicable.
• return all borrowed equipment to the designated area (or owner) after use. Should a participant damage any borrowed equipment, he/she is liable to pay for any repair or replacement costs.
• refrain from alcohol or recreational drugs before or during an activity. Participants are asked to advise the instructor if they have taken prescription medication prior to an activity.
The event organiser reserves the right to remove any participant from the event without recourse to repayment for said event. Circumstances that may warrant exclusion from an event include (without limitation):
• Being intoxicated during group activities
• Use of recreational drugs
• Abusive or disrespectful behaviour

Should any party be removed under such conditions, the event organiser will not be liable for any losses incurred as a result and is also entitled to be recompensed for any reasonable costs arising from removal of the party involved.

  1. Insurance
    IHHT is covered to a minimum level of £4,000,000 for public liability in relation to teaching for all the therapies in which IHHT tutors are qualified.
    Participants are strongly advised to provide their own personal, medical and cancellation insurance cover. For international events, participants are advised to also ensure full coverage against cancellation of an event. Please refer to clauses 7, 8, 9 and 10.
  2. Liability
    The event organiser is not responsible for any loss or damage to the personal property of the participant (including but not limited to vehicles, luggage or personal possessions).
    The participant recognises that attendance of any training course or workshop in no way qualifies him/her to teach the event content. It is not intended that any techniques demonstrated or taught on an event will in any way qualify those participants to instruct any third party, and no warranty is made to that effect. The event organiser hereby excludes any liability it might have to any third party in respect of any injury, illness, death, loss, damage or costs suffered or incurred by that third party, in its reliance on any skills taught by any participant on the basis of having attended an event run by the event organiser.
  3. Complaints
    In the unlikely event that a participant has cause for complaint about anything experienced during an event, the complaint should, in the first instance, be made during the event to enable corrective action to be taken if necessary. The participant acknowledges that it is unreasonable to not raise an issue during an event and then complain later. Should a problem not be resolved satisfactorily during the event, a complaint should be made in writing within 28 days or the complaint will not be upheld.
  4. Personal Data & Privacy
    The event organiser is committed to safeguarding the privacy of both online and off-line data in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation Act 2018 (GDPR). The law requires us to tell you about your rights and our obligations to you, with regards to the collection, storage and use of your personal data (information that could identify you). Our full privacy policy which details how we collect and manage your data is available on our website.