Welcome to IHHT

IHHT was set up in 2019 as a professional training provider that specialised in delivering vibrational sound healing courses and workshops.

Its founders were Suzi Garrod, Penny King and Ros Simons.

From July 2023 IHHT will be closing as an organisation

All our high quality accredited trainings will continue to be offered exclusively through the three founders individual academies.

Who we are:

We are experienced sound practitioners and teachers who are already individually known for delivering quality holistic health training courses and workshops. By joining forces and working together as a team through IHHT over the last four years, we have been able to deepen and expand the breadth of our courses even further. 

All three of us hold the latest Level 3 Award in Education and Training.

What we do:

IHHT now delivers its sound healing courses and workshops for both self-care and professional practice exclusively through its founders individual academies. 

The powerful tuning fork sequences and treatment protocols we teach can be used as both a stand-alone healing modality and as part of an integrated holistic health approach. All our practitioner courses require students to complete an extensive period of self-practice and personal reflection, as well as a thorough integration of sound healing theory and the IHHT protocol techniques prior to qualification.

Our certificated courses are accredited through our individual academies, by two international training organisations, the Complementary Medical Association (CMA) and the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine (IPHM). Both the CMA and IPHM are known for promoting excellence and professionalism within the complementary medicine field and we specifically chose to align ourselves with them due to their ethical approach to practice.

We consider professional integrity and the delivery of high quality courses to be part of our core values and are proud that IHHT was recognised as a Centre of Excellence (by the CMA) and an Approved Training School (by the IPHM).

What we offer:

To see our current offerings in both CPD workshops and  fully accredited practitioner courses, please visit our individual websites by clicking on the buttons below.

CPD Course:

IHHT Tuning for Self-Care     

This can be taken as a stand-alone personal development course and is a prerequisite for all IHHT practitioner courses

Practitioner Courses:

Where we are based:

Our individual academies offer  three training locations in the UK,  South Devon (covering the whole of the South West of England), Hertfordshire (covering the South East) and Scotland (also covering the North of England)