Ros Simons

Hello, my name is Ros. I am one of the founding members of IHH and I am based in Argyll in Scotland.

Sound and music has been a part of my life since singing in the choir at school and playing piano as a child.                     I’ve been a bodywork therapist for over 35 years and I began incorporating sound into my holistic health therapy practice in 1998 with the use of crystal and tibetan singing bowls and chime bars.

It was through the sounds of nature that my passion for tuning forks was forged. My deep resonance with the trees and land of Exmoor led to my channelling the vibrational sound frequencies for the Tree and Elemental work that I do; these were then made into tuning forks incorporating the wood of the native trees and elemental crystal energies.

Soon afterwards I attended Debbi Walker’s training course in 2013 for personal healing and in 2018 I decided to formalise my 5 years of tuning fork practice and sharing workshops with others by qualifying as a Suara Sound Ambassador through Suzi Garrod. 

These days many people know me for my handmade ceremonial drums and rattles, as well as my Celtic Tree and Elemental Tuning Fork courses. However, I am also a qualified Reiki Master Teacher, Crystal Therapist, Aromatherapist and NLP Practitioner. 

Sound moves through all levels of my work with many instruments, including drums, rattles, flutes, Tibetan and Crystal singing bowls, tuning forks, chime pipes, tingshas, koshi and rainsticks. I have been lucky enough to train and connect with some amazing people, from Hazel Raven, Melody and Naisha Asian in the world of Crystals and Earth Elements, to Carolyn Hillyer who awoke the drum doula deep within me, and with whom I have sung across the wild lands of Dartmoor. Along my sound journey I have also worked with Nigel Shaw, Steven and Renata Ash, Sika Deer, Steve ‘CloudSong’ Highhawk and Louise Hutton who have inspired and guided me deeper into the world of sound.

I run both face-to-face and online journeys in Celtic Tree, Elemental and Chakra wisdom. Traveled together over several months these pilgrimages deepen our connection to nature and self, supporting our individual growth and  self-development and amongst many other tools incorporate both my channelled tuning forks and existing sounds.

I also offer drum birthing and rattle creation experiences, as well as weekend workshops and women’s retreats. Four years ago I relocated from Exmoor to the beautiful west coast of Argyll. Prior to this I had been regularly teaching in Scotland for five years.

However I still return occasionally on request to the South West and am available to run IHHT and my own training courses in other locations.  

In addition to my client and teaching practice, I am also a supplier of high quality tuning forks and other sound instruments.  My ‘Sacred Notes’ Website is now live and offers a wide range of tuning forks, chime bars and sound pipes as well as vegan drums. Please click on the button below to go the shop.

For further information on my workshops, courses, therapies and forthcoming shop, please follow the links below: