Applied Tuning Fork Techniques (CPD Training)

This course is specifically designed for qualified Sound Practitioners seeking to undertake continued professional development of their existing tuning fork practice.

An additional feature of this course is the option for practitioners to convert their CPD certificate into full Accredited IHHT Tuning Fork Sound Practitioner status (subject to meeting the CMA and IPHM qualifying criteria)

Course Overview

This intensive CPD course in applied tuning fork techniques comprises:

  • 12 hours of online home-study
  • 2 days of practical tuition (located at one of our UK training centres)

You will receive:

  • a comprehensive manual
  • online tutor support during the home-study stage
  • practical training in the IHHT self-care and client treatment protocols
  • the full set of 6 standard Infinity tuning forks

The Applied Tuning Fork Techniques CPD syllabus will cover:

  • sound healing history, theory and practice
  • tuning fork techniques for self-care
  • clinical treatment protocols for client treatments
  • single and dual tuning fork techniques
  • how to integrate IHHT tuning fork techniques within other professional healing modalities and everyday life

Bonus feature – become an IHHT practitioner!

Upon completion of both elements of this course, students will be given an option to convert their CPD certificate into full Accredited IHHT Tuning Fork Sound Practitioner status (subject to conditions).

To qualify as practitioners, students will need to meet the qualification requirements stipulated in the Course Requirements section of the full practitioner course. However, the number of case studies and amount of reflective practice will be adjusted to take into account your existing sound practitioner qualifications and experience. Please contact one of the training team for further details.

Course Requirements

This is a Continued Professional Development course and as such participants will be required to have an existing sound practitioner qualification in order to attend.

Please note, attendance of this course does not qualify you to practice as a sound healer. In its two-day format, the course is designed only to expand your current tuning fork skills. Should you wish to extend your existing sound healing qualifications by becoming an accredited IHHT Tuning Fork Sound Practitioner, please read the information in the Bonus feature section below and contact an IHHT tutor to discuss your eligibility.

Course Location and Schedule

The main IHHT Training Centres are located in South Devon (with Suzi Garrod), Hertfordshire (with Penny King) and West Somerset (with Ros Simons). Please refer to the Events Calendar for specific course date information or to the Course Dates menu to find course dates for your preferred location or tutor.

Cost: £295

A completed booking form and £100 deposit – paid directly to the relevant IHHT tutor – will secure your place on the course (subject to certain conditions). The £195 balance may be paid in instalments if required.

Course price includes:

  • ALL tuning forks required for standard IHHT protocols
  • Comprehensive training manual (PDF)
  • 2-days face-to-face training from an approved IHHT tutor
  • Ongoing tutor support
  • IHHT CPD Certificate


  • Travel and accommodation costs
  • Cancellation insurance