CPD Accredited Chakra Sound Therapist

Successful completion of this accredited CPD training course will enable you to incorporate Chakra Sound Therapy techniques into your existing Tuning Fork Practice (providing you also have appropriate indemnity insurance to practice).

You will be learning how to work with the Chakra Tuning Forks, Chakra Chime Bars and drumming protocols and techniques. 

Course Overview

This training course is fully accredited by both the Complementary Medical Association (CMA) and the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine (IPHM).

During this IHHT CPD Chakra Sound Therapist course, you will be taught:

  • chakra sound healing history, theory and practice
  • tuning fork techniques for self-care
  • clinical treatment protocols for client treatments
  • single tuning fork techniques and sequences
  • chime bar chakra clearing protocols
  • heartbeat drumming techniques for chakra balancing
  • how to integrate these IHHT techniques within other professional healing modalities and into everyday life
  • you will also have the opportunity to explore the use of other sound healing instruments

The training can be started with the optional Journey through the Chakras an 8 moon online sacred wisdom pilgrimage working with bespoke Tuning Forks, Crystals, Yoga and deep exploration of each of the seven main chakras.

Although not a requirement – completing the online journey gives the opportunity for embodied personal development and provides a strong foundation for this Advanced Practitioner offering – this journey also includes a full set of bespoke Chakra Tuning Forks with wooden handles inset with crystal cabochons.

Click here for more information on this unique pilgrimage. 

This is followed by two days of live teaching and practice to attain your CPD certification.

The live two day training includes self-care techniques, client treatments, the IHHT Chakra tuning fork techniques, chime bar and drum protocols; and a refresher of the principles of safe and professional business practice.

Course Requirements

Prior attendance of the IHHT Tuning Fork Practitioner training

In order to maintain our trademark high standards of training, and our CMA Centre of Excellence and Approved Training School status, IHHT students are required to undertake all the following before receiving certification:

  • Attendance of the accredited IHHT Tuning Fork Practitioner training and completion and certification as an IHHT Tuning fork Therapy Practitioner 
  • Attendance of both in person Chakra Sound Therapist training days.
  • Ongoing tutorial support will be available throughout your training  process.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or for further information before submitting your course application.

Course Location and Schedule

The Chakra Sound Therapist CPD training is offered by Ros Simons at various locations including Scotland and elsewhere in the UK. 

Please refer to the Events Calendar for specific course date information.

Cost: £299

Please complete the booking form here and pay the £149 deposit – directly to the relevant IHHT tutor – Ros Simons – this will secure your place on the course (subject to certain conditions). The £150 balance may be paid in instalments if required.

Course price includes:

  • two gold tone tuning forks and the Heart Chakra chime bar required for the training(rrp £140)
  • Comprehensive practitioner training manual (PDF) with free lifetime updates
  • 2-days face-to-face training from Ros Simons your IHHT tutor
  • Ongoing tutor support
  • Practical Assessment
  • IHHT CPD Certificate 


  • Cost of set of 7 bespoke Chakra Forks with wooden handles inset with crystal cabochons corresponding to each chakra (these are available at a discounted price for course attendees and form part of the online Chakra Journey which can be undertaken prior to the training – contact Ros for details)
  • a drum for the chakra balancing protocols – you can use your own drum for this work or both vegan and hide options are available through Ros – contact Ros for details
  • Travel and accommodation costs
  • Cancellation insurance.